top 5 heaviest lifter in the world and world record

By | April 22, 2021
top 5 heaviest lifter in the world

top 5 heaviest lifter in the world

Friends, if someone asks you how much weight you can lift at a time, what would be your answer? Surely you can easily lift 50 to 80 kg at a time, but today we will tell you about some of these people. Who broke all weightlifting records. So today they are counted among the strongest people in the world. Hello friends, I’m Arif. You are watching Arif TV, so let’s watch top 5 heaviest lifter in the world

No 5,

1153 kg

Friends, you may have gone to the gym and lifted dumbbells many times like me, but you may not have seen such a heavy dumbbell before. And inside this dumbbell there are 8 big tires which weigh 1153 kg and not everyone can lift it, but here this person can lift such a heavy dumbbell so easily and this competition is won and the world Becomes a strong person.

No 4,

1073 kg

Now let’s talk and put a huge dumbbell in this competition of a great competition that even if you don’t look heavier, but it weighs a lot more, it has 8 heavy tires inside. Which weighs 1073 kg and requires a machine to lift that much weight but this person lifts this work with his hands weighing 1073 kg without the help of any machine and in the meanwhile bleeding from the nose Begins, so now you can understand how heavy it was, have you ever seen anyone lift so much weight or not? Please let us know in the comments

No 3,

1102 kg

Now it is the turn of another great weightlifter who weighs 1102 kg and different competitors came from far and wide to lift it but no one can lift it. This dumbbell was so heavy in its own name that it was even harder to shake, but with the help of your hands and the strength of your body you can easily lift the numbers.

No 2,

1041 kg

Now look at this person, this gentleman has put his name in the list of strong people of the world. And why we are saying this, you can only guess by watching this video, this dumbbell weighs 1041 kg. In other words, this person easily lifted a heavy 26 dumbbell. And he has made his name among the strongest men in the world. He worked hard to do this and the fruits of his labor can be clearly seen. Can any of you do that by commeny below?

No 1,

1060 kg

Friends, the next name in our list is a contestant who lifted a weight of 1060 kg during the contest and had a contest named after him and it was very difficult to lift this dumbbell, but this person praised him This dumbbell weighed so much that it started bleeding from its mouth and nose when it was lifted, but it did not give up and won by lifting the dumbbell.

So friends, which of these people lifted the most weight, you must tell us by comment in the comment box, similarly Arif TV and Thanks are our two viewers who keep giving us lovely comment if you also If you want a video with your name in it, then you should not forget to comment on us

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