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By | April 1, 2021
5 most dangerous jobs in the world

By the way, most of the people in the world consider their profession to be the hardest job in the world, but there are some jobs in the world that you would never want to do if unemployment is increasing in every country of the world today. Unemployed people will also like to be unemployed from these jobs after watching it. In today’s article. we will tell you about the 5 most dangerous jobs in the world, which will blow your mind. So let’s know the 5 most dangerous jobs in the world

No 5
Skyscraper window cleaner

Friends, most of us are afraid of heights and in this job, in order to clean the glass from the outside, the cleaners have to climb on top of the buildings. Cleaning from is a very dangerous job. Your slightest negligence can take your life. Weather plays a very important role in this job. It cannot be done in case rain strong winds.

No 4
Snake farming
. 5 most dangerous jobs in the world

Friends, when you see a snake, you break out in a sweat. If you touch this animal, we don’t even like to see . but in some parts of Indonesia and China, snakes are said to be. Many of these snakes are so venomous that bites can kill a person in a second, but these people carry bags full of snakes in their hands, which is a trivial matter to them. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

No 3
Tower climbing
. 5 most dangerous jobs in the world

Friends, just imagine that a tower one and a half thousand feet high stands in an empty field. With a Hewlett-back bag, you have to climb this one and a half thousand feet high tower with just a rope. This dangerous worker is called a tower technician as you all know that the air pressure at higher altitudes increases too much. Strong winds are the biggest challenge for a tower technician. Either the weather is bad or the technician’s pound or hand slips, then death is imminent.

No 2
Sulfur mining

A job in the world that takes the age of your workers Indonesia’s food Volcano is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world. Not because sulfuric and hydrophobic acid are found in this water and to extract the same sulfur the laborers have to come to the pond below the high mountains. Irritation in the lungs and watering of the eyes is normal and this is what makes the workers age quickly. These people only live to the age of fifty. You would be surprised to know that so much hard work and effort is at stake. After that these workers get only 350 rupees a day

No 1
Electrical power line installer

Electrical power line installer

Friends, whether it is to deliver power cables to a very high place or to fix the wires in bad weather, this work is like playing with death. Only 50 volts are enough to kill a man. There is power up to volts. They say that electricity did not even leave its maker. Electrical power line workers do this by putting their lives on the line. It is a height from which death can fall. Heavy viruses that, if touched, can kill a person or paralyze him or her for life. YouTube channel

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